Water Shoes : "Aqua shoe" 27A modelis
Water Shoes : "Aqua shoe" 27A modelis

"Aqua shoe" 27A modelis


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This modern aquashoe model from Aqua Speed is great for protecting your feet on the beach and in the sea (from sea urchin spikes, debris, sharp rocks) and for wearing while snorkeling, swimming, rafting, kayaking etc. It has a strap with hook and loop fastening for a perfect fit and hard sole with traction to reduce slipping (however you should thread wet and slippery surfaces with caution!). Heel grip helps makes putting on the shoe easier. The neoprene upper part of the shoe has mesh fabric for breathability and drainage. Made of materials resilient to operation of salty water and sun. Warning: Aquashoe does not fully protect from slipping, it should not be used on wet, slippery pool sides and other slippery surfaces!

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