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SEB bank: LT28 7044 0600 0790 8780

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UAB "Metausta"

Company code: 303100222

VAT: LT100008142113

Adress: Ateities pl. 23 b



+370 602 20866


+370 602 20866

After sale services:

+370 671 24005

Shipping services are taken care by:

DPD parcel delivery

DPD parcel delivery are available in Lithuania with 1 working day shipping time. (Except "Kuršių Nerija")

DPD Pickup machines

DPD pickup dispensers provide even more convenience for those in a hurry, as you can pick up your goods at any time of your choice.

Delivery by DPD express courier to the address you specify: Delivery cost is calculated by weight, you will see the exact price at the bottom of the formed order. On the day of delivery the DPD courier will inform you of your arrival time in 1 hour intervals. If the delivery time is not right for you, you can easily change the day of delivery by contacting the DPD courier. If you have missed a DPD courier, don't worry, the courier will try to find you again for two consecutive days.

Important! The courier delivers goods heavier than 30 kg to the specified address only to your door / gate. If you need to transport the item over 30 kg to the specified location / floor, do not forget to order additional stowage / loading work. Otherwise you will have to make your own purchases.

Important! When picking up the goods from the courier, please check that the packaging is not damaged. If you have recorded irregularities, be sure to note them in the deed of acceptance. If, at the time of acceptance of the goods, the defect in the packaging was not recorded in the Act, the claims regarding the damaged packaging and the condition of the goods contained therein will not be investigated.

Receive your order in our stores for free:

Store in KAUNAS

Adress: Ateities pl. 23 b

Phone: +370 602 20866

Store in VILNIUS

Adress: J. Baltrušaičio g. 1

Phone: +370 671 24005

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