Diving Goggles & Masks Aropec: Nardymo vamzdelis Aropec Energy Dry
Diving Goggles & Masks Aropec: Nardymo vamzdelis Aropec Energy Dry

Nardymo vamzdelis Aropec Energy Dry

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The Snorkel Aropec Energy Dry is ideal for snorkeling or scuba diving. Like any other snorkel, this one too has a dry top valve which prevents water from getting in your mouth. You might also appreciate the adjustable and removable attachment clip. The flexible wrap tube and the anatomically shaped mouthpiece made of high-quality silicon ensure a comfortable fit. The purge valve can be found on the bottom part of the snorkel. With its sophisticated design, the Snorkel Aropec Energy Dry is second to none when it comes to breathing comfortably underwater. 

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Diving snorkel
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Siekdami užtikrinti geresnę naršymo kokybę, naudojame slapukus. Toliau naršydami mūsų svetainėje sutinkate su jų veikimu. Kitu atveju galite pakeisti savo naršyklės nustatymus ir atsisakyti slapukų veikimo.

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