Badminton Nets Spartan: Badminton Volleyball Set Spartan 700
Badminton Nets Spartan: Badminton Volleyball Set Spartan 700

Badminton Volleyball Set Spartan 700


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Play volleyball, badminton matches and have fun with friends, family and colleagues! The 2-in-1 set is perfect for recreational play, for the garden, beach and backyard playground.
In the set you will find everything you need. Assembly and disassembly can be handled by anyone. Thanks to the handy bag you can easily store and transport the whole set.

- Net, black colour
- Net: width 30 cm, length 4 m
- Mesh:
- Posts: max height
- Convenient bag for easy carrying

- Brand: SPARTAN
Spartan is a brand specializing in recreational equipment, years of experience and excellent reviews guarantee your satisfaction with the purchase.


Product Details

400 x 30 cm
Weight [g]
328 g
Bar diameter
0.80 cm

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