Diving Goggles & Masks Arena: Momentinis purškiklis nuo rasojimo Arena, 35ml
Diving Goggles & Masks Arena: Momentinis purškiklis nuo rasojimo Arena, 35ml

Momentinis purškiklis nuo rasojimo Arena, 35ml


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An effective anti-fog spray designed for swimming goggles and diving and snorkelling masks. Spray & Swim: No need to wait or rinse. The product also activates the original anti-fog treatment of the goggles. New formulation that provides a very clear field of vision. Improved performance compared to conventional anti-fog sprays, even in chlorine conditions. Also suitable for other optics, eyewear, motor sports helmets, and work use for cleaning and anti-fogging eye protection. Easy to carry in a 35 ml pump bottle that is very dispensing, fast and easy to use. The product is sprayed evenly onto the inner surface of the goggles from a distance of approx. 20 cm. Supplied in a retail spike pack with multilingual instructions for use, including English, Finnish and Swedish.

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<5% MCI, MIT, Amphoteric surf
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