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From year 1954 Italian company Garlando is being one of the best manufacturers of leisure football and billiard tables that characteristics are high quality production and Italian design. In 60's production reached 12000. In next decades Garlando became modern industry pioneer that organized their work with mechanized systems. in 80's football table sales reached highest and reached United States. In year 2002 company left it's historic headquarters in Spinetta Marenga and resettled to Pozzolo Formigaro.

Traditional product line is football and billiard tables, but Garlando also make tennis tables, air hockey tables and even football goals. Tables are made from eco-friendly hardwood, which don't have formaldehyde or plastics that have polycyclic aromatic carbohydrates that are harmful to human health.

Nowadays Garlando have 68 resellers ir more than 44 countries.

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